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Miniature Quilt Tutorials with Anne-Marie / LTW Miniatures

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Anne-Marie is a one woman micro-patchworker behind LTW Miniatures. A loyal customer of ours, who specialises in tiny patchwork quilts for dollhouses.

Late last year (2023), we approached Anne-Marie and asked if she'd consider trying out a mini charm pre cut - the perfect size for the miniature quilts. 


"One of the biggest challenges I have as a micro-patchworker is finding quality fabrics I don't have to buy by the yard - because you don't need yards and yards of fabric for miniatures. So boy am I glad pre-cuts exist!" 


After browsing our sweet-like shop of fabric, Anne-Marie chose the Garden Gatherings fabric range. This was because of the small print - making it perfect for miniature projects.

Anne-Marie created a wonderful miniature quilt (1:12) 'big' enough to fit a dollhouse double bed, and matching cushions. Find out about the process via LTW Miniatures blog.

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Wow that is just beautiful…was only thinking the other day I need to do a quilt for my dolls house…no excuse now I’m retired.Do so enjoy all you YouTube posts…take care,keep warm and Trish x

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