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Jelly Roll Log Cabin Quilt with Fiona / SpunStraw

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If we had to think of Ruby Star's number one fan, Fiona would definitely pop into our heads! Fiona AKA Spunstraw is a modern sewist based in Scotland. Her instagram stood out to us because of the bright colours and delicate quilting.

We approached Fiona offering a jelly roll gift and we weren't surprised when she chose a Ruby Star jelly roll - Backyard.

It was great timing as Fiona already had the plan to write a new blog tutorial on a log cabin quilt. The mini quilt measures 40x40" and uses only half a normal sized jelly roll or one junior jelly roll. 


"This is such a fun quick quilt to make!! It took me a few 42 minute episodes of Supernatural to get it pieced, a watch of Disney's Zootopia to get it quilted, and not long to get it bound!"


The quilt was finished with a wavy stitch, Fiona said she loved "how it looks a little like chicken wire to keep all the animals in the backyard". Love it!

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Beautiful quilt, I love all the colours

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