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About Us

The Sewing Studio started life as Direct Sewing Machines over 40 years ago in Cornwall. Over the last few years it has slowly evolved into a very comprehensive shop specialising in Sewing Machines, embroidery Machines and patchwork fabric.

We are one of the largest sewing machine dealers in the UK but unlike most internet traders, we focus on customer service and price, not just price alone. I'm sure you will agree this is increasingly rare in the retail industry, and of course we also have a shop open to the public.

We're a family run business and therefore everyone that works here actually knows how to sew, how to use a sewing machine and most importantly understand our customers requirements!

So why buy from us?

Well in short, we have all the qualities of your large traditional high street shop but with ability to price match even the biggest shops, internet traders and warehouses!

For example if you wanted to buy a Ferrari, you wouldn't buy it from a car supermarket nor would you buy it from a small rogue backstreet garage; you'd buy it from the expert specialist at the right price with the right after sales service.

We might not be the biggest in the business but we do try to be the best!


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