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    Beginners Guide to Quilting: FULL COURSE

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    Product Overview

    The beginners guide to quilting is a superb, 31 episode video tutorial presented by our very own Katrina Skipper. If you are new to quilting, this will be the perfect way for you to get up to speed in the comfort of your own home. The high quality video will ensure you can follow each step and pause and rewind at your leisure.

    When you buy this product, you will receive an order confirmation via your email. In this order confirmation you will be able to download the full course, as one single video.

    Below are time codes for each chapter, so you can keep track of where you are.

    00:00:00  Trailer

    1. 00:01:30 - What Do You Need
    2. 00:02:42 - Laying Out Your Design
    3. 00:11:36 - Keeping Organised
    4. 00:15:24 - Setup Your Machine
    5. 00:19:44 - Sew Your Rows
    6. 00:24:57 - Pressing Done Right
    7. 00:33:57 - Return To Sew
    8. 00:36:23 - The Final Press
    9. 00:38:34 - Cut Press Fillets
    10. 00:44:38 - Stitch Fillets
    11. 00:53:31 - Cutting Border Fillets
    12. 00:56:50 - Pinning Your Border
    13. 01:00:37 - Sewing Border Pieces
    14. 01:03:51 - Pressing Border Trimming Edges
    15. 01:07:05 - Pinning Top Bottom Borders
    16. 01:09:48 - Sewing Top Bottom Borders
    17. 01:14:04 - Batting Up Preparations
    18. 01:19:49 - Batting Up Best Method
    19. 01:28:18 - Your Quilting Options
    20. 01:33:14 - Let's Start Quilting
    21. 01:39:56 - Hide Your Stitches
    22. 01:42:20 - Trimming Quilt
    23. 01:49:31 - Cutting Binding Pieces
    24. 01:52:23 - Chain Piecing The Binding
    25. 01:54:15 - Binding Fold Press
    26. 01:56:44 - Binding Pin Corners
    27. 02:02:09 - Binding Sew Corners
    28. 02:04:52 - Binding Fold Technique
    29. 02:06:45 - Binding Sew Technique
    30. 02:08:58 - Hand Stitching
    31. 02:13:31 - Final Tips Tricks 

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      Cut Type: Fat Quarter

      Our standard width fabric can be cut as a Fat Quarter, measuring 50cm x 1/2 the width of the bolt. Above is an example of how your fabric will be received, depending on the quantity ordered. We also offer a sample service, where you can order 1 single fat quarter of any standard width fabric, to have at home and compare colours. When you are finished, you can send them back to us for a refund (feel free to contact us for more information on this service).

      Cut Type: By the Metre

      Per Metre Cut Type Our fabric can be cut as a Long Quarter, measuring a minimum of 25cm x width of bolt. We will supply the fabric as a continuous length (eg; if you bought 1.25m it will be sent as one piece of fabric).

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