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Sewing machines, patchwork & quilting fabric, wool & yarn

We stock a wide range of products from the best brand names in the business including sewing machines from Janome Sewing machines, Brother sewing machines,Husqvarna sewing machines,Bernina sewing machines, and Pfaff see them all here. We also stock one of the largest ranges of patchwork fabric in the UK from Moda fabric, Stoff fabric, Makower fabric and many more, see them all here.Wooland yarn is relatively new to us so we have the latest ranges from JamesC. Brett, DMC, King Cole, Sirdar and Stylecraft see them all here. We are confident you should be able to find what you are looking for however if you need any assistance please feel free to give us a call on 01209 216942.

Sewing machines

When looking for a sewing machine, we know that it takes a lot of time and careful consideration. As it's often a purchase that you will stick with for a very long time, getting it right from the beginning is important.At The Sewing Studio, we care a lot about helping you make the right decision for your needs, whether you're after something to deal with basic sewing projects or you want to tackle more skilled projects like quilting or embroidery. We have plenty of help around our website, detailing products as thoroughly as we can, and you can read about particular brands by navigating to the relevant brand category under sewing machines. We are always here to help so feel free to call us on 01209 216942 to discuss your sewing machine requirements. The main things to consider when choosing a sewing machine are the type and thickness of fabric you expect to be sewing, the light weight sewing machines will not cope with thick and or densely woven fabrics without struggling to push the needle through the fabric resulting in loopy stitches or missing stitches. Lower cost bottom loading sewing machines tend not to like stretchy fabrics and skip / miss stitches more often. Lower cost machines will often not have a width control thus making it difficult to sew in zips, pipping or patchwork quilting etc Finding the perfect machine to suit yourself can be confusing so feel free to get in touch or you can see further information including our buyers guide here.
We also stock overlockers and a wide range of Horn cabinets so you can set up the perfect environment for working with your sewing machine. We're very passionate about the world of sewing and we like to think we know our stuff too! So please just let us know if you need any help.

The Sewing Studio look after many orders for schools and small trade, so if you need a few sewing machines or regular deliveries of fabric we can help. We offer great trade discounts all you need to do is sign up for a trade account

Patchwork and quilting fabric

We stock one of the largest ranges of 100% cotton quilting fabric in the UK from all the leading brands like Moda fabric including Moda jelly rolls, Layer cakes, Charm packs, Mini charm pack sand Moda honeycombs, Stoff fabric, Michael Miller and many more. The Patchwork Fabric is also catagorised into sub categories to help you find what you are looking, basic patchwork fabric, Batic patchwork fabric Childrens patchwork fabric, Christmas patchwork fabric, Plan and blender patchwork fabric,Novelty and Blender Patchwork Fabric,and Small print patchwork fabric,are some of the most useful categories containing popular quilting fabric. Most of our patchwork fabric is sold in multiples of quarter metres so you can choose just the right amount of fabric for your project, will often have discounts on patchwork fabric if purchased in multiples of 4 (so multiples of a metre) and very often have quilting fabric sales with discounts for any amount. Our patchwork fabric sells out quickly so it is important to buy enough quilting fabric at the beginning as most quilting fabric will only have one print run at the factory meaning we cannot get the same fabric again! This can often lead to problems when a customer requires more quilting fabric to finish a project and finds its no longer available or its from a different dye lot. We only stock leading brand names in patchwork and quilting fabric as we have not yet seen a quality 100% cotton low cost import and we think it spoils a quilt to have a mix of good and bad fabrics mixed into a patchwork quilt, they can also often cause problems with fading and die running etc. Colour coordination can also be a problem when choosing patchwork fabric so if in doubt you can always call our fabric mail order department to request they check your order for colour coordination. Once you have sewn you patchwork quilt top our comprehensive range of quilt wadding section will help you finish your project, poly quilt wadding, wool quilt wadding, cotton quilt wadding or even a mixed blend, there is plenty to choose from!