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Sewing Machine Training Courses

Training Courses for your new Sewing Machine

We have a number of ways to provide training and support, some people just require a quick one to one session to help them operate their machine which we can arrange on a one off basis however if you require a more formal class on a sewing project we also have a fully equipped classroom with regular classes, see here for current classes available.

Sewing machine Classes and Workshops are available here in our classroom. The cost clearly needs to be variable depending on how long you want us for, what you want to cover, if its one to one or in a group and if you bought the machine from us.

(Sewing Machine training can sometimes be free depending on the sewing machine you buy). All our sewing machines come with a free demo if you come into the shop.

All embroidery machines come with free training if you buy on our website or in our shop.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email to discuss putting a personalised training schedule / plan together.