What Are Embroidery Machines?

Embroidery sewing machines come in many different brands and it’s hard to pick one out (even when you see them side by side) so inside trade experience and knowledge is priceless. A good embroidery machine is well built and reliable, easy to use and has an excellent backup service from the manufacturer.

Warranty periods vary from brand to brand, 2 – 5 years is typical which can sometimes be extended depending on the brand. We stock a good range of embroidery machines, offering online sales, in store demonstration, after sales service and a full sewing machine service centre should you require it. We always put the customers shopping experience first and offer a UK price match policy with free UK delivery so you should never find a better deal anywhere else. Feel free to order online or should you require any help choosing the right embroidery machine, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for honest advice without the pushy sales pitch. We will match any like for like deal you can find in the UK or even beat it. We can also offer bundle deals to help you get started. Call us on 01209 216942.

With so many years in the business it feels like we have seen them all, from massive industrial multi-head embroidery machines longer than the average garden, to tiny toy like embroidery machines, both good and bad! The oddest thing about embroidery machines is that spending tons of money definitely won’t guarantee you a good embroidery machine! Embroidery sewing machines in all brands are very complicated machines, combining technology similar to that found in Apple iPads and tablets with technology found in the latest CNC machine tools. They are complicated both mechanically and electronically which is why the makers so often release something to market that doesn’t gel well resulting in something awkward to use or unreliable, furthermore even the best makers / brands have made a lemon at some time!

When the makers do get it right something truly mesmerising takes place, our customers sit for hours on end in awe of this machine producing such an amazing masterpiece on the fabric right in front of their eyes at breath taking speeds!

The process is fairly simple, first you need an embroidery design, this could be one built into the machine or obtained from the internet (1000’s available for free or for purchase online, just search embroidery designs) or the user could design their own if the right embroidery design software is available. Then get the embroidery design onto the machine, most of the new embroidery machines have USB ports built in, so save the embroidery design from your computer to a USB stick or connect your embroidery machine to your computer, find the design, select it, place some fabric with a layer of stabiliser behind it into the embroidery hoop / frame, attach the frame to the embroidery machine and hit the go button, sit back and be amazed! Simple!

There are obviously many other functions and things to think about like merging in extra designs or text, embroidery placement, scaling and onscreen editing, embroidery stabiliser, embroidery threads and hoops but that’s the general idea!

Key Points when buying an embroidery machine:

How big do your embroidery designs need to be?
 The ability to do larger designs goes up as the prices rise and it won’t be long before you want to do larger embroidery designs.

How much onscreen guidance do you expect?
 As the prices rise the screens get bigger and more descriptive, the full colour screens are a joy to use and it makes all the difference to be able to see the exact colour of the next thread that’s required or its exact placement within the embroidery hoop / design. Don’t underestimate how important the screen size and detail is,the bigger screen machines are actually much easier to use!

Embroidery speed?
 All modern embroidery machines speed up and slow down at the right times but some will be faster than others.

Jump thread trimming?
 Older embroidery machines left a trail of thread from one completed area to the start of the next area to be embroidered, this can be tedious to say the least as all of those jump stitches will need to be trimmed off by hand at the end, many of the lower cost embroidery machines will not trim the thread at the end of its completed area thus leave a jump stitch that will require trimming later. High end machines will do a very neat job of trimming all the jump stitches for you!

On Screen editing?
 With faster and more powerful computer chips available the speed of flicking through screens and ability to do onscreen editing of designs has really evolved on the newer higher priced machines meaning that basic editing can be done on the machine itself rather than taking the design back to the computer for editing. This is very handy when rescaling designs or designs from other formats are used.

Many customers struggle with computers in general and thus the embroidery software available for designing / editing and creation, this makes the machine onscreen editing so much more important as it minimises the need to use a computer, if at all.

Volume and quality?
Of the 4 or 5 top brands of embroidery machine makers all of them are capable of good results on the fabric with a small tweak here and there to get the tensions right, however one or two brands stand out from the crowd for reliability and shear ability to go on faultlessly for years on end with just minor servicing.

Happy to help

We don’t expect customers to be able to choose an embroidery machine online and buy it without talking to us (however some do) so we do expect customers to ring for advise, then ring back with a string of questions, then to have a think about it, then to ring back with even more questions! It's normal and some customers even decide machine embroidery isn’t for them after hearing all the honest answers.

Sewing machine embroidery is a massive subject and the learning curve is what the customer makes of it. A simple design is very quick and very easy to do with very little effort required, however the possibilities are endless if it’s a subject you want to learn, it’s just like cooking or sewing in general, the ingredients and techniques are endless and we never stop learning with the encouragement and inspiration of the results and joys of learning.

Embroidery machines are our specialist subject, so if you feel you need your hand holding through the buying process feel free to give us a call on 01209 216942.