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Discover Sewing Machines for Patchwork Quilting

We stock a wide range of sewing machines for patchwork quilting. Most manufactures have models specifically targeting patchwork quilters. In essence they are a sewing machine like any other in their range, but they usually have a few extra stitches that the patchwork quilter would be inclined to use.

Patchwork quilting sewing machines are usually bundled with some extra accessories specifically designed for patchwork quilting such as a 1/4” seam foot, walking foot, ditch quilting foot, extension table, walking foot or dual feed foot, free machine embroidery/quilting foot etc. Customers often think they need something extra special for patchwork quilting, something with extra needle penetration or an extra high lift press foot! This is not true, yes it helps but just because it has patchwork edition printed on it doesn’t mean it’s going to be good, we have seen some diabolical new machines come to us for repair made by smaller brand names (it would be wrong to say which ones!) where the customer has been sucked in to believing they are saving money and getting the same value for money by not buying a Janome, Elna or Bernina etc and it has patchwork edition written on it so it must be good!

Often the sewing machines geared up for patchwork quilting sold by the leading brands that come bundled with the patchwork orientated accessories do represent value for money but don’t forget all those accessories can be purchased separately so the most important thing is to buy a good sewing machine that fits all your needs. Features and functions cannot be added later, accessories like presser feet can be!

We stock a good range of sewing machines suitable for patchwork quilting and offer online sales, in store demonstration, after sales service and a full sewing machine service centre should you require it. We always put the customers shopping experience first and offer a UK price match policy with free UK delivery so you should never find a better deal anywhere else. Feel free to order online or should you require any help choosing the right sewing machine for patchwork quilting please don’t hesitate to give us a call for honest advice without the pushy sales pitch. We will match any like for like deal you can find in the UK or even beat it. We can also offer bundle deals to help you get started. Call us on 01209 216942.


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