Patchwork Quilting Articles

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Appliqué is where you sew extra cut out shapes of fabric onto a piece of larger fabric to create a particular design. Read our guide to appliqué patchwork quilting and see the fabulous range of methods and styles you could try!

Crazy Patchwork

Looking for a fun project that uses up spare pieces of fabric or do you have an old quilt that needs mending? Crazy patchwork is the method for you! Find out about the origins of crazy patchwork in our guide and see examples and different ideas to inspire you to create your own.

Whole Cloth Quilting

Find more information on the process of whole cloth quilting - where only a single piece of cloth is quilted and beautiful designs are stitched into the fabric.

Free Motion Quilting

Discover free motion quilting in this handy article, full of hints and tips that will help you create your own stunning designs.

Patchwork Quilting

Learn about patchwork quilting with our in depth guide. Lots of interesting facts, from the history of patchwork quilting through to the techniques for particular designs and modern quilts.

Sampler Quilts

Looking for a way to show off your new patchwork skills? Then take a look at our guide to sampler quilts for a great way to showcase your stitches.


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