Nautical Fabrics

Metallic Cotton Fabrics

The quilter will find striking patterns among this collection of Nautical Patchwork Fabrics to suit any sea inspired project. Not only are there natural picture patterns of birds, fish, lighthouses and shells but also textured fabrics to represent waves and sand. The colours are those that one would associate with a beach or sea scene and the quilter will be stimulated to design stunning pieces of work or picture quilts.

Thw Nautical Quilting Fabrics is ideal for summer beach articles such as beach bags, mats and picnic accessories. And not only quilters will be inspired by this range of patterned and printed fabrics as dressmakers will find the cotton fabric suitable for beachwear and fun and zany clothing. The textured patterns come in colours that will add zing to any quilt or patchwork project, especially art quilts which require a bolder approach.

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