On Meadowlark Pond

The Moda On Meadowlark Pond fabric range asks you to imagine looking out your front porch and seeing a pond... where hooks with feeders of all sizes and shapes are holding a variety of bird seeds. Jays, barn swallows, red-winged blackbirds, robins, finches, bob-whites, and an abundance Meadowlark frequenting the pond area to feed. Within minutes of filling the feeders, there is a flurry of wings. There are dances for dominance, tweets of happiness and songs of gratitude when the feast is done. At dusk, the rabbits, racoons and deer wander in to take advantage of the seeds that dropped to the ground.. View the On Meadowlark Pond fabric range in more detail below or view the Moda On Meadowlark Pond Fabric Brochure

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