Bittersweet Lane

The Moda Bittersweet Lane fabric collection celebrates that each season gifts us with its own theme. Just as you grow weary of cold, snowy days curled up in a quilt, the days start to grow longer and tulips start to peek through the mulch. Spring gardening, outdoor DIY projects, and evenings on the porch with a glass of iced tea are relished as they will soon pass into much warmer weather. The summer brings more time with your grandkids, trips to the pool and hot afternoons spent sewing in the cool relief of the A/C. And just when the heat starts to seem endless, the evenings cool and you welcome the return of bonfires, pumpkin picking, and star-gazing. Put the garden to bed, stock up on cocoa and snuggle in for winter.

Be Inspired - view the Bee Grateful fabric collection leaflet here:


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