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Buyers Guide

Lots of help and advice in our sewing machines buyers guide. Get all the information you need to make the decision that right for you.


Read our handy guide to sewing machine repairs, maintenance tips as well as common problems and how to prevent them. Also information on our sewing machine repair service.


Fancy expanding your knowledge and improving your sewing skills? Whether you are a beginner or more experienced we have a range of courses to suit you. Find out about our sewing machine training courses here.


More information on the sewing machine guarantees and warranties available from different manufacturers.

Free Patterns

Planning a new patchwork quilting project? Take a look through our collection of free patchwork quilting patterns and patchwork projects for ideas. Choose your favourite pattern, shop for your patchwork fabric on our website and get creating!

Or how about creating your own tote bag? Really handy for eveyday use and great for gifts too. We have a free tote bag pattern for you here and lots of fabric for you to choose from!


Find our range of comprehensive patchwork quilting articles that cover the history of quilting, different techniques and styles as well as examples, hints and tips.


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